Happy labor day!

Hope everyone is having a great Labor day weekend. I took Tuesday and Wednesday so I have a bit of a vacation!

I have my girlfriend over this week so we are going to go kyacking if the water has calmed down after the big storm. Thinking about going to Princeton today for window shopping and a visit to Princeton Record Exchange if she is up for it.

I just took advantage of a labor day sale and bought my years supply of pellets for the winter. 😁 I was a bit worried that the prices would go up with the high lumber costs this year. I was able to upgrade to a better softwood pellet then I usually get for a better price. I probably mentioned it before but softwood pellets are actually more energy dense then hardwood pellets! It’s totally opposite then burning just wood.

Not much else really going on here with me. I plan to take some vacation in the coming months to burn up my time and do some work around the house. That’s all I got for this post!

Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro

I’m so bummed Artisanal seems to have gone out of busness. I got a hankering for cheese today and looked it up. Looks like the owner was trying to relaunch before Covid so not sure it it will come back now.

Have to find something else once the weather gets cooler. I think heavy hot cheese might not be the best summer food!

Hegel Amplifier

My amp is in California for an update/upgrade. I’m borrowing a Hegel from my dealer John. I really don’t like the sound of this thing. It’s harsh with a in your face presentation. I’m used to a very warm tube sound with zero feedback. This thing is the complete opposite! It does however look dead sexy in my rack and has the proper high-end pedigree.

Hegel running in ballanced

This puppy runs stone cold. I think it must be a class D or H design. This might be part of the problem.. I’m more used to the class A or AB sound.

This amp is for someone, but just not me. I guess if you have a very mellow system this will kick it up and breathe in some life. My gear is very neutral and this just sounds harsh and bright.

Happy 4th everyone… a day late

Hope everyone had a nice 4th. BBQ’s and fireworks! I was able to watch the fireworks from LIC and enjoy some pulled pork Ying made for me. The security around here was crazy, FBI and tons of NYPD. Today was a lazy day for us, just walking in the park and farting around the house. NYC seems to be almost back to normal.

I call shotgun

Anyone want to take some sporting clay classes at Orvis Sandanona shooting grounds? Should be fun. They can help fit you with the proper gun and teach the sport. Hit me up if your interested.

Been awhile…

Been awhile so I figured I should make a quick post.

Building a pair of bookshelf speakers. Cabinets are done, still deciding on the wood to finish them in, leaning towards ebony. Crossover is done, not as neat as I would like but nobody will see it.

Also put up some lights in the living room. Yes, I know now that my Chinese New Years decorations are wrong… It’s the laowhy way… 😅

Don’t have any sharks but I have fricken laser beams!
Finished project… Yes I have a towel on the TV…

I’m thinking about putting up two rows of the same lights in the kitchen. They are a bit of a pita to put up but I like the end result.

Not much else new with me at the moment. Been busy with work and life. Will check in again a bit later.