I call shotgun

Anyone want to take some sporting clay classes at Orvis Sandanona shooting grounds? Should be fun. They can help fit you with the proper gun and teach the sport. Hit me up if your interested.

Been awhile…

Been awhile so I figured I should make a quick post.

Building a pair of bookshelf speakers. Cabinets are done, still deciding on the wood to finish them in, leaning towards ebony. Crossover is done, not as neat as I would like but nobody will see it.

Also put up some lights in the living room. Yes, I know now that my Chinese New Years decorations are wrong… It’s the laowhy way… πŸ˜…

Don’t have any sharks but I have fricken laser beams!
Finished project… Yes I have a towel on the TV…

I’m thinking about putting up two rows of the same lights in the kitchen. They are a bit of a pita to put up but I like the end result.

Not much else new with me at the moment. Been busy with work and life. Will check in again a bit later.

Happy holidays!

Wishing everyone a happy holidays and hopefully a much better 2021!

This year the holiday season didn’t really hit me until recently when I noticed decorations in the lobby at work!Β  I do have a few decorations up at home this year but not bothering with a tree or lights. πŸ˜…

Oh, on another note I was able to get my hands on 2 personal grails! Signed by the band as well! Limited pressing of 300 each! Been hunting for them on Discogs since I got into the VC.

Night Club signed albums

Nothing else new to report. Hope everyone’s 2021 is better then 2020… I know it’s a low bar!

2020 is finally winding down…

December is here and this crazy year is finally winding down. Wow… Pandemic, elections, riots, toilet paper and hand sanatizer hording…. you name it 2020 had it! Anyway hope everyone is still safe and employed.

I’m back working every other week. I have been to NYC a few time for work and it has a crazy diffrent vibe. Totally nobody in the Google building… Kinda creepy when you figure how big that place is. Just waiting for the zombies now! 🀣

Been working on little projects at home. Getting lots done, latest one is a RO system for my drinking water. I don’t really like plumbing so it will be a challenge for me… Hopefully it will not sit around in the box for months. 🀣

I spent Thanksgiving here in Frenchtown. I was away from family for the first time ever during this holiday. I was exposed to a contractor that tested positive at work. I couldn’t really risk going even with my negative test until I waited. I’m clear now but I will be back at work next week.

Not much else going on… Just waiting for things to go back to something more normal… Doubt it will ever fully go back to how it was but something closer would be welcome.


This is what happens when you let tree hugging idiots push wind and solar over nuclear and traditional power

The CT Mirror: Energy policy is rendering Connecticut a third world country.

Bose NC 700 headphones

My daily driver noise cancelling headphones just kicked the bucket. I decided I would spring for the Bose unit as a replacement. Bose has the reputation of being the best NC headphones on the market. I work and take calls in super loud environments so I figured I would give them a try. As an audiophile I’m usually repelled by Bose but I can totally give the NC 700’s high marks! The noise cancelling is amazing, works as advertised and alot better then I was expecting.

The audio quality via Bluetooth is super base heavy and via cable it’s kinda lifeless. I’m feeding it from a THX 789 so it’s not the source. So as a music headphone I would say pass unless you like boosted base and only listen via Bluetooth. For my intended purpose however as a noise cancelling headset for calls it’s bar none! Highly recommend!

First day back in the office

Today was my first day back in the office. It’s a huge mess because everyone took equipment home and the ops people have dumped parts and stuff in our cubes. πŸ˜… I spent 2 hours cleaning and getting my computer working again. I left all my monitors at home so I can easily work from home next week so I had to scrounge up monitors and keyboards!

Good week to start back… Holiday on Friday and I had Monday off! Next week I will work from home again and rotate week at Mahwah week from home. Not bad, but I did enjoy working from home full time. πŸ˜…

Well that’s my update for today! Be safe and enjoy your time at home if your still not back to normal yet.


The fireworks in NYC are crazy! They sound like big professional mortars! I can’t imagine why the police don’t stop the people launching them… Seems like a huge roof fire hazard.

On another note went to Costco for the first time since lock down. It was not crazy so I was very relieved. I bought a bunch of food I didn’t need. πŸ˜… They had a very good Korean BBQ meat dish that I thru on the BBQ. It was very good, so if you find it in the meat case I suggest you try it.

Went out Kyacking this weekend. It was a bit hot and humid but still fun! As you can see all the weight I lost pre-pandemic is back! Can’t wait for things to get back to normal so I can exercise more and eat better.

Need some desktop speakers for working at home?

Looking for a great sounding small passive speaker for your desktop? I think I have found the perfect solution. The Mica RB42 which is $149 at Amazon. It’s an excellent budget near field monitor for the price. The soundstage is excellent and the center image is dead on. Big sound in a small package.

Mica RB42 next to pens for size comparison.

They are very well built for the money. One caviot, they are fairly inefficient at 83dB. Your going to need an external amplifier that has some good power to feed them. I’m running them off an old Rotel amp and using my headphone amp as a pre-amp. This setup is ideal.

I was was using USB from my computer to the headphone dac/amp but decided that sucks! I installed RoPieee on an extra Raspberry Pi and connected that. Now I can control the music in Roon from any of my Roon control devices including my computer. I don’t get window sounds or audio from videos but I can live with that.

Apart from that I’m doing research on nano reef tanks. I want to set one up in my office. When people piss me off at work I can stop and look the the reef and calm down. 😁

I will be going to work every other week soon. I’m the first from my department back. I expect to be the eyes, ears and hands of everyone in engineering . I’m going to be running around which is good, I need excersize.