Happy labor day!

Hope everyone is having a great Labor day weekend. I took Tuesday and Wednesday so I have a bit of a vacation!

I have my girlfriend over this week so we are going to go kyacking if the water has calmed down after the big storm. Thinking about going to Princeton today for window shopping and a visit to Princeton Record Exchange if she is up for it.

I just took advantage of a labor day sale and bought my years supply of pellets for the winter. 😁 I was a bit worried that the prices would go up with the high lumber costs this year. I was able to upgrade to a better softwood pellet then I usually get for a better price. I probably mentioned it before but softwood pellets are actually more energy dense then hardwood pellets! It’s totally opposite then burning just wood.

Not much else really going on here with me. I plan to take some vacation in the coming months to burn up my time and do some work around the house. That’s all I got for this post!