Teenage Engineering

Anyone ever get a chance to mess with an OP-1 from Teenage Engineering… it looks super cool. You can check out this review of it below.

I am tempted to go find a store selling this thing… I have been watching tons of videos of people working with this think and it seems really powerful and somewhat easy to use for a non-musically inclined person.

Upgraded to a Razer Phone 2

Wow, this phone is phenomenally good! The camera does suck but I could give a shit… If I want good pictures I will get out a real camera. The screen is velvety smooth, it’s fast, loud and built like a fucking tank. It feels super premium but looks very industrial. The Chroma rear snake is super cool and sets it apart from everything else. The gaming performance is stellar but it does get a bit warm when cranking. Even the box was crazy… It comes highly recommended if you can deal with the camera.  I also picked up the Hammer Head ear buds with noise canceling… They are excellent as well! That fruity company can’t touch Razer…

Roon Nucleus Plus Music Server

Does anyone out there have any experience with the Roon Nucleus Plus music server?  It looks like a really cool device!  I will be finally setting up a proper listening room in the coming months and I think the Roon music service really brings something to a digital collection. The server itself is kinda expensive and I can probably do the same thing under a Linux VM but sometimes it’s nice to just have something turnkey that just works without having to mess with it.  I think audio equipment should be that way so that is why I’m thinking about adding it to my setup.

If anyone has anything to say about this please chime in!

Just installed a Sense in my distribution panel!

I just installed a Sense with the solar option in my power distribution panel. So far it looks good.  It’s still learning so I can’t really go into it’s functions but I can say installing it is a snap.  If your comfortable working around mains voltage then you should be able to do this is about 10mins like I did. It’s basically 4 CT’s and wiring it up to a 240V breaker.

As I said it’s learning the devices in the house so at the moment it can just tell me usage and production numbers.  It the future it will be able to identify when a load comes on and off and kick off an action.  An example is when your washer stops blink your hue lights in a room.

Once it unlocks more features I will do a proper review of the device so check back!