Don’t bother getting a tile. After a year they are garbage because you can’t replace the battery.  I’m going to try and replace my battery because I have nothing to lose. I don’t see how you can design a $30+ device and not include some way to replace the battery.  Seems like a money grab for the replacement as well as being bad for the environment. 

Just installed a Sense in my distribution panel!

I just installed a Sense with the solar option in my power distribution panel. So far it looks good.  It’s still learning so I can’t really go into it’s functions but I can say installing it is a snap.  If your comfortable working around mains voltage then you should be able to do this is about 10mins like I did. It’s basically 4 CT’s and wiring it up to a 240V breaker.

As I said it’s learning the devices in the house so at the moment it can just tell me usage and production numbers.  It the future it will be able to identify when a load comes on and off and kick off an action.  An example is when your washer stops blink your hue lights in a room.

Once it unlocks more features I will do a proper review of the device so check back!

Amazon Dash buttons

Since I’m on my own now and despise going to the supermarket I decided to get a bunch of the Amazon dash buttons.  So far, the buttons work great!  My only complaint is setting up the buttons in the app is a bit of a pain in the ass.  For some reason on my phone (android) it doesn’t pair up on the first try. I found I had to try a few times for each button to get them to connect and configure.  Once they are configured everything is great!  I place buttons in the areas I keep items and when I get to a pre-determined level of product I press the button.  The item then magically arrives in a day or two!   So far, I have 8 of them as well as the wand with the barcode scanner for things that don’t have a button.  Now that I get food delivered from Tovala and Blue Apron I really don’t have to go the supermarket for more than just vegetables for juicing.  Thankfully I can use ShopRite at home and have anything else I need delivered or I can pick it up in the parking lot.

So basically, if you were thinking about getting a dash button I say go for it.  You actually get the $4.99 cost of the button back on your first order!  You really have nothing to lose except another chore.  If you enjoy shopping or get a thrill out of bargain hunting this is not for you.  If you’re like me and would rather pay more for convenience this product is for you!