Amazon Dash buttons

Since I’m on my own now and despise going to the supermarket I decided to get a bunch of the Amazon dash buttons.  So far, the buttons work great!  My only complaint is setting up the buttons in the app is a bit of a pain in the ass.  For some reason on my phone (android) it doesn’t pair up on the first try. I found I had to try a few times for each button to get them to connect and configure.  Once they are configured everything is great!  I place buttons in the areas I keep items and when I get to a pre-determined level of product I press the button.  The item then magically arrives in a day or two!   So far, I have 8 of them as well as the wand with the barcode scanner for things that don’t have a button.  Now that I get food delivered from Tovala and Blue Apron I really don’t have to go the supermarket for more than just vegetables for juicing.  Thankfully I can use ShopRite at home and have anything else I need delivered or I can pick it up in the parking lot.

So basically, if you were thinking about getting a dash button I say go for it.  You actually get the $4.99 cost of the button back on your first order!  You really have nothing to lose except another chore.  If you enjoy shopping or get a thrill out of bargain hunting this is not for you.  If you’re like me and would rather pay more for convenience this product is for you!