Tidal is down and some other stuff

Just went to listen to music and Roon was complaining about Tidal. Just tried to log in and yes they seem to be having an AWS issue. Thankfully I have a large local library and Qobuz for times like this but still alot of things in my library will not play until Tidal gets sorted.

On another note I got my covid booster and man did it kick the crap out of me. I had chills again, a fever, headache, crazy tired… So much so I had to leave work early… And slept 17 hours straight. I hope this stupid things ends so I don’t have to do that again.

Just got back to playing Halo 5! Need to finish it so I can get the new one! I started playing when it first came out and got stuck and lost interest. Just restarted the game so I can get into the story again. I totally forgot what I had already done so it’s all new feeling for me. 😬

My Aunt and uncle have been very sick lately so been going down to see them and help out my cousin. She is essentially on her own taking care of them so have been trying to do what I can. Apart from that nothing much new here.