Turn the lights on

I recently discovered a new singer named Lights. Her sound is best described as synthpop. The music is a bit compressed sounding, think loudness wars. Nonetheless it’s really nice sounding and has some crazy base. If you enjoy female vocals and a more electronic sound you will surely enjoy her music. I recommend the album “Skin & Earth” which is actually the music to accompany a comic book series of the same name she published. Give her a listen on Tidal they have her album in MQA 96kHz 24bit high resolution!


AC installed and working!

The downstairs AC unit is installed and working perfectly now. It wasn’t without some additional issues. 😅 The AC disconnect box I purchased at home depot had the wrong disconnect plugged in… So it took some additional troubleshooting before I noticed this… I have it bypassed at the moment. I need to make my way back to Home Depot for the proper plug in module soon.

Troublesome disconnect box

Here is the indoor unit up and working. It is super quiet and very cold. I’m 100% doing a multi head unit for upstairs once this virus scare is over… I need some help getting the unit up on the roof… Going to do a roof mount on my flat roof section. It will be almost an invisible installation.

Indoor unit up and running

Here is how I ran the piping for this unit. It’s done this way because I need to burn up 16 feet of lineset… Otherwise I need to learn how to flare pipe and recover refrigerant… Both things I don’t want to deal with!

Lineset before compressor install.

I chose this route to keep the lineset below the exhaust from the pellet stove… Heat rises so I figured it would be safe in this location. I wish it wasn’t so white but nothing I can do… Might be able to somehow color match it… If I have time maybe I will try it…. Probably not tho! 😂 It’s kinda hidden with tiger lillys.

So this project is behind me now. If your somewhat handy, don’t mind purchasing some specialized tools and don’t mind reading the directions this is something totally doable. No need to pay thousands to have a pro do it. 😬

“Thriller” on DSD…

I decided I wanted to hear what DSD sounds like so I got Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the format. I thought Flac and MQA were clean… This takes it a step further, I doubt even the master sounds better.

DSD is not for everyone tho. You need a DAC capable of playing them back, the files are huge and the albums are more expensive. But if you like HiRes music, I don’t think you can get any better with current technology.

Working from home…

Looks like I will be working from home for at least a year. I’m working on upgrading my home office as it looks like I will be spending alot of time here now. I have a dual monitor setup but I think i will ask if i can get a third like I have in the office. I really need lots of screen restate for work i do.

I should also build some shelves in here so I can can store books and things…as well as my printer and scanner. I have a perfect place for it so I should really get of my butt and look at what is needed to get it done.

I moved my office into Patricia’s old craft room when she moved out. This room gets very hot in the summer but doesn’t have enough power for a window AC. I will need to run a new 20 amp circuit up here sometime soon before the heat gets really oppressive. I turned my old office into a guest room so I can have people visit now.

On another note I tried to stop drinking coffee. It appears I am addicted to caffeine! I stopped for 3 days and had a headache for all 3 days. I broke down today because I didn’t feel like doing anything. I will start cutting back until I am only drinking one or less cups a day. Now I drink at least 2 big cups a day… so big it’s probably 4 normal cups. That and soda but I have stopped the soda. I am only drinking water and juice now.

Well It’s time to move on to something else now… spent enough time writing this for now. Until next time… peace.

I was a bit naughty today…

I’m not really a movie buff but I am trying to get a collection of things I like on physical media. The Goonies was one of my childhood favorites so I pre-ordered this in 4K UHD from Amazon today. 😅

It will probably have a ton of film grain like the copy of the Matrix I have. But I guess who cares. 🙂

I will also pick up Battle Angle Alita soon because I really enjoyed that movie. It looked amazing on regular blueray so kicking it up to UHD should be spectacular.

That’s all for today! Chilling in my listening room with Tubular Bells. Oldie but goodie.

AC install setback.

I have a faulty service valve on the low side of the compressor. It is leaking R410A when I uncap to connect my gages and lineset. If I try to pull a vacuum I will vacuum out the R410A.

I called the company and they went on the blame game immediately. Saying I did something wrong… I went off on them cutting them off and yelling. I think I got my way and am waiting on a confirmation of a new unit… If they screw me I will send it back to Amazon and let them try to fuck Amazon… I’m sure Amazon will force them to take it back.

Unfortunately I will need to unmount the compressor which was a pain in the ass to get up on its mount alone…. Now I have to figure out how to get it down and the new one back up.

Today wasn’t a total bust tho… I ran the electric to the unit and will button it all up tomorrow. I didn’t feel like finishing up today because it was getting late and I didn’t want to rush and make any mistakes.

Anyway, listening to Aurora at the moment. I can’t get enough of her voice..

Auroa “All My Demons Greating Me As A Friend”