Been awhile…

Been awhile so I figured I should make a quick post.

Building a pair of bookshelf speakers. Cabinets are done, still deciding on the wood to finish them in, leaning towards ebony. Crossover is done, not as neat as I would like but nobody will see it.

Also put up some lights in the living room. Yes, I know now that my Chinese New Years decorations are wrong… It’s the laowhy way… 😅

Don’t have any sharks but I have fricken laser beams!
Finished project… Yes I have a towel on the TV…

I’m thinking about putting up two rows of the same lights in the kitchen. They are a bit of a pita to put up but I like the end result.

Not much else new with me at the moment. Been busy with work and life. Will check in again a bit later.

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