2020 is finally winding down…

December is here and this crazy year is finally winding down. Wow… Pandemic, elections, riots, toilet paper and hand sanatizer hording…. you name it 2020 had it! Anyway hope everyone is still safe and employed.

I’m back working every other week. I have been to NYC a few time for work and it has a crazy diffrent vibe. Totally nobody in the Google building… Kinda creepy when you figure how big that place is. Just waiting for the zombies now! 🤣

Been working on little projects at home. Getting lots done, latest one is a RO system for my drinking water. I don’t really like plumbing so it will be a challenge for me… Hopefully it will not sit around in the box for months. 🤣

I spent Thanksgiving here in Frenchtown. I was away from family for the first time ever during this holiday. I was exposed to a contractor that tested positive at work. I couldn’t really risk going even with my negative test until I waited. I’m clear now but I will be back at work next week.

Not much else going on… Just waiting for things to go back to something more normal… Doubt it will ever fully go back to how it was but something closer would be welcome.