Here we go again…

Looks like we might have another cold war with Russia.l brewing. Not sure why we can’t be more friendly with them. When the USSR fell it seemed like a perfect time to right all the wrongs between our people. To bad… I have no issues with Russia or Russian… Both governments f’ed it all up. Let’s hope shit doesn’t get out of hand! Hey Xi, it’s a really good time to make some moves!

Anyway, I run Russian tubes in my amp and just got an extra set just in case they become impossible to get in the near future. I also use Russian razors so I need to see if I can order a bunch. Other then that I was wanting to order a Radiascan scintillation counter/ geiger counter but I may hold off on that as they are out of stock and if I order I might not get it before whatever punishment is put in place.

Not much else going on here. I will be going to the gym again soon once it gets a bit warmer and covid calms down more.

I tried to trade in my car for a Toyota Highlander but the markup is crazy now. I will pay 10k+ for a special car like a Dodge Demon. But for a ordinary Toyota…. I wanted to get it because I need something bigger. I’m driving my parents around more and a small VW is not the best choice. Going to wait it out tho… Not paying the dealers for basically nothing.

Getting into long range shooting. Plan to take a class on shooting out to 1000yards. Building a sub moa rifle to get the job done. Looking into what glass I want . I like Vortex so might give them a try. I will be shooting 6.5 Creedmoor and have already been able to stash a few boxes away. Will probably get into hand loading so I can control things more with special loads and reduce costs.