Unlucky lately

Got hit by a semi truck and just last week a deer!  Been very unlucky lately while driving. 😅 Was going to drop my car off to the body shop last week but wasn’t able to drive during the snow. The hood thinks it’s up so it will not activate the wipers. I moved the appointment to Tuesday so hopefully by then I will have a rental.  Been keeping to town this week.

I decided to make a sheapards pie last night! It turned out super good. I am going to add it to the rotation of food I make around here. Not exactly diet food but good for the winter. I am getting better with cooking slowly. 😬 Have to think of something to make tomorrow so I have some leftovers for next week.

Listening to Vanessa Fernandez album “Use Me” on Vyinal. If you want some cool jazzy music I suggest her. The album came perfectly flat, no warps. It’s on what feels like 180g… runs at 45rpm and is dead silent. It will make digital music people doubt it’s analog because it’s that quiet… Of course I ran it thru my Okki Nokki before playing so it’s impeccably clean. The recording was done really well, the engineer knew what they were doing.  Give it a try! You’ll like it!

Had to swap out my electronic lock today. My alarm system was with AT&T Digital Life. It was a pretty good system but come February they are abandoning the business with the 3g phase out. I had to replace the system. Got the main alarm installed but didn’t do any of the fancy crap… Just a basic monitored system. I wanted to bring all the digital cameras and locks under my own systems. Unfortunately the z-wave module in the lock is somehow hard coded to AT&T. I tried the reset and unpair/re-pair procedure… My home automation controller can’t see the thing. I had a new one sitting around in case it didn’t work so I swapped it in. Everything works perfectly with the new one. I will look online to see if I can get a new module, if I can I will install the old lock in the front door. Anyway, AT&T… You suck… Abandoned me and lock me out of the equipment you refuse to support…. The least you should do is open the system up to people before your abandoned them. Shame.