Started juicing today

I decided to start juicing again.  I made my first juice without greens to start to step into it again slowly.  It was somewhat good but it had grapefruit in it and i really don’t like grapefruit.  I figured that other ingredients would mask it but I was wrong.  On the plus side it was super easy to prep.  I will be juicing in the morning as a breakfast substitute and having a salad with chicken for lunch and then a nice Tovala or Blue Apron meal for dinner.  I think I should be able to keep the calories around 1200 for the day if I don’t snack.  I also got myself a gym membership and will try to fit an hour in 3 times a week if I can.  Thankfully it’s 24 hours so if I miss it in the morning I in theory should be able to go at night.

I have already lost some weight but I need to loose about 70 more pounds to be near my doctor recommended weight!  So I have a bit of a long journey ahead. I am hopeful that a lifestyle change will work for me as just going on a crazy diet usually doesn’t last for me.  Once I get back to eating cake I blow it!