I just got one due to a recommendation from a friend and I love this thing!  Now that I am dieting I want to drink more to keep myself filled up so to say and this is great.  I like sparkling water and this makes it really easy to always have some fresh at hand.  I am not sure how the economics work out per glass but I tend to think it’s cheaper then buying it in the store or just getting a diet coke… it’s bette for you as well.

I would like to try adding juice and flavors soon but still need to come up with a few idea to try.  SodaStream makes flavors as well which I think I will give a try as soon as I get a change to head to BBB.

Well thats it for my little review… I give it 4 start!

On my 3rd juice already

I’m on my 3rd juice already and I find them not to bad.  I have switched over to the green juices so it’s not all fruit anymore.  I don’t think I am at the point where I can leave out the fruit but maybe in a bit more time.  What I have been doing is having a juice when I am hungry and that seems to get me by.  I do think it’s going to be a chore making sure I have enough fresh produce in the house but I guess I will have to go shopping on the weekends.  I got enough produce for 7 juices so I have 4 more to go before I need to visit the store again.  Was kinda expensive tho… for 7 juices i I got $48 worth of produce.  So it’s about $7 per meal… which I guess is not that bad when you think about getting a meal out.

I’m also really REALLY loving Tovala!  The food is excellent…. all 3 of my meals this week were amazing. I am going to give them a call and see if they have a 7 day plan so I can have food for the entire week.

Anyway, my week off is almost at an end.  I didn’t get as much done as I was planing but I did get the house cleaned up quite a bit inside… I just didn’t do any of the repairs I was planing on because of the heat. All I have left to clean out is the basement and attic and each is in progress to some extent or another.  I am tossing out a ton of stuff so I am staging it in the garage or basement and taking it out on garbage night… I don’t want to deal with junk people again.  The guys Patricia got were not careful about the wood floors and walls.  They complained about everything and kept raising the price! I can do the same job for free over a few garbage nights without the same hassle and damage to the house. No job to big or to small my ass….


Started juicing today

I decided to start juicing again.  I made my first juice without greens to start to step into it again slowly.  It was somewhat good but it had grapefruit in it and i really don’t like grapefruit.  I figured that other ingredients would mask it but I was wrong.  On the plus side it was super easy to prep.  I will be juicing in the morning as a breakfast substitute and having a salad with chicken for lunch and then a nice Tovala or Blue Apron meal for dinner.  I think I should be able to keep the calories around 1200 for the day if I don’t snack.  I also got myself a gym membership and will try to fit an hour in 3 times a week if I can.  Thankfully it’s 24 hours so if I miss it in the morning I in theory should be able to go at night.

I have already lost some weight but I need to loose about 70 more pounds to be near my doctor recommended weight!  So I have a bit of a long journey ahead. I am hopeful that a lifestyle change will work for me as just going on a crazy diet usually doesn’t last for me.  Once I get back to eating cake I blow it!

Tovala Steam Oven and meal service

I decided to get a Tovala oven because I have been eating really crappy lately and am changing that.  The first meal pack came in the mail today.  Everything came perfectly packed and still cold even with the high 90 degree temperature outside.  The prep was almost non-existent… All I needed to do was put some sauce over my chicken and a different sauce on the broccoli. That was it… in the oven scan the barcode and wait 20 mins.

It’s restaurant quality and looks really good if you know how to plate food!  I’m super impressed with how tasty and easy everything was!  The only think to clean was the dish… everything else is recyclable.  The only downside is the need to purchase the semi expensive oven.  The meal plans are more expensive then going to the market and putting together a meal yourself BUT you have cooks planing the meals and gathering the ingredients… fair compromise if you ask me.  The food is really clean too, no chemicals you can’t pronounce which belong in an oil field not your dinner plate.

Highly recommended!!! I’m also doing Blue Apron which is more involved but still easier then planning dishes yourself… it also adds variety of meals and ingredients. I plan to cook the Blue Apron meals over the weekend and use the Tovala meals during the week.  This way I have nice dinners 7 days a week, going to start juicing for my breakfast/lunch combo before I go to work.

Well thats it for now… Will check in later and see if my opinions change or get stronger in favor of this product!