Tovala Steam Oven and meal service

I decided to get a Tovala oven because I have been eating really crappy lately and am changing that.  The first meal pack came in the mail today.  Everything came perfectly packed and still cold even with the high 90 degree temperature outside.  The prep was almost non-existent… All I needed to do was put some sauce over my chicken and a different sauce on the broccoli. That was it… in the oven scan the barcode and wait 20 mins.

It’s restaurant quality and looks really good if you know how to plate food!  I’m super impressed with how tasty and easy everything was!  The only think to clean was the dish… everything else is recyclable.  The only downside is the need to purchase the semi expensive oven.  The meal plans are more expensive then going to the market and putting together a meal yourself BUT you have cooks planing the meals and gathering the ingredients… fair compromise if you ask me.  The food is really clean too, no chemicals you can’t pronounce which belong in an oil field not your dinner plate.

Highly recommended!!! I’m also doing Blue Apron which is more involved but still easier then planning dishes yourself… it also adds variety of meals and ingredients. I plan to cook the Blue Apron meals over the weekend and use the Tovala meals during the week.  This way I have nice dinners 7 days a week, going to start juicing for my breakfast/lunch combo before I go to work.

Well thats it for now… Will check in later and see if my opinions change or get stronger in favor of this product!