Last weekend

Took the Ferry to Dumbo last weekend.  Didn’t get a ton of sun but the weather was nice. Did some walking around, got some chocolate and a few Janet Jackson records. The record store was more hip-hop so not really my thing. I try to always get something to support local records stores hence Janet.

The ferry ride from Queens was a nice little day trip. With Covid spinning down and the weather getting nicer we need to expand our horizons and explore more. I can definitely say I like LIC more then Dumbo… Dumbo has a cool vibe but it’s noisy and might be a bit sketchy after dark.  With that said I think we will be back during warmer weather… Seems like it’s the place to go for ice-cream…. Saw at least 4 shops and 3 trucks selling ice-cream… People really like it I guess.

Also got a vintage copy of Control