Pellet Cleaner!

This year’s 2 tons of pellets have been extremely dusty and have caused feeding issues with my stove. I found some plans for a device used to clean corn for burning.

If you have a pellet stove and get feed issues this is a simple way to clean the dust off before it get into the feed auger.

If your thinking about a stove I highly recommend something that burns pellets. The fuel is cleaner then regular wood and takes up alot less space. The stoves feeds like a coal unit but can start and stop itself unlike coal. With a little bit of electronics experience you can interface them to something like a Nest and control it from anywhere. They don’t need a chimney, you can direct vent them like a dryer so basically you can put them anywhere. I pulled a permit for my install but you can probably get away without doing that if you install yourself. Since it uses fire I didn’t trust myself to install. 😅 Having seen it now I would do it myself next time…. It’s simple just need a thimble for going thru the wall. You save quite a bit on heating and I keep the place pretty warm most of the time now.