AC install

I started the work to install my mini-split. The work is not very hard but with work and bad weather I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I have the indoor and outdoor unit mounted. The line set and communications wiring has been done. I still need to pull a vacuum and run a new 220v circuit.

Using the stove as a work bench 😅

The indoor unit looks to be crooked but it’s dead on level… Old house. I can’t adjust it visually because it needs to be perfectly level for the condensate line… Just have to live with it.

I ran the line set out the right, not ideal because it has to go under the stove vent but it made my piping alot easier to deal with. I don’t have any outdoor pictures at the moment but will add later if I remember.

The electrical will be the most difficult part of the installation and I hope to get that done early next week so I can beat the heat. I will be running the power in one of the on wall conducts up by the ceiling. It should look like a strange molding when I am done. Going to run a 110v ckt as well so I have power in my closet to run my some small audio related stuff. 😬

That’s about it for now… More later when I have the time.