Music on the move

I really miss Roon when on the move. The interface on the Tidal and Qobuz apps are so clunky. I’m currently trying out USB Audio Player Pro with mqa support on Android. Doesn’t make the interface any better and search still sucks but it does add alot of configuration options not available without it.

I’m using my Tin Audio T3’s exclusively with Dekoni tips as preached by Zeos of Z-Reviews. The Dekoni’s do really help in the comfort department and seal out external noise pretty well. Great little combo for an extremely low price… You do need some patience because shipping from China was slow and I bet it’s worse now.

I noticed yesterday that my car doesn’t have an analog input… Just Bluetooth and USB… No external DAC for long drives. I guess that’s a good thing because I use Waze religiously and would loose the ability to see the maps on the main display if I used an external dac.

Not much else to add at the moment. Be safe everyone.