Spring cleaning in December!

I have the week off so I started to clean out the garage and basement today. I am about 85% done with the garage but have about as much garbage as I feel comfortable throwing out in one shot.  Once it goes out on Friday I will bag up the rest for next week. Patricia and I had way to much stuff and now I am pairing down my stuff and tossing hers. Not going to let it get so bad in the future.  The basement was crazy, I think once I rebuild the garage things will be better because the yard tools and equipment can be placed there.

I will be getting my pellets today which is the reason for cleaning up in the first place. I want the pellets in the garage so if I can’t manage to get them all in today they don’t get wet. I also have no idea what 2 pallets look like so it might be huge and not fit in the basement. My goal for today is get at least one ton into the basement.

The rest of the week is going to be painting and cleaning. The house feels totally different now, much cleaner and alot bigger. I also decided I want to get a wood insert for the living room over the summer. I have a chimney guy coming over to quote me for the work. I will be going with a J0tul insert because my local store recommends them and I will have them survice it… Not to mention they are nice.

Apart from that nothing else is going on with me. I’ll post a picture of the pellets once they arrive.