Wood heat!

After much thought I decided to get a pellet stove for the house!  It gets installed early next month.  I have been wanting a wood stove for awhile and this seems a perfect fit.  It’s direct vent so I don’t need to reline the chimney and its 100% automatic!  It can feed, light and extinguish itself all with a thermostat on the wall.  It should be big enough to heat the whole house so I’m hoping that I save money on fuel oil.  From my calculations I should have a break even on it in 2 years which is excellent.

I am rushing to get the room it’s going into fixed up before the install as well as making room in the basement for 2 tons of pellets… I ordered 2 pallets of them with 50 bags.  Mixed it up as well… got one pallet of hardwood and one of softwood. Unlike wood softwood is more expensive and puts out more heat in pellet form… go figure. Want to compare the two and see what works and heats best.  If its really close I will just go with the cheaper hard wood pellets and call it a day.  I will update more once its installed and running… might even post a pict or two!