Crazy days in the courts

Yesterday was a surprise, hopefully people don’t go balistic and start riots again. Have to see how this progresses. 😅

Took a week off after I got some big projects off my back. Had people breathing down my neck to get things done early… Had to play let’s make a deal between different projects because hardware is in such short supply. Lead time for Arista hardware is something like 18 months if you order today! Crazy!

My car is leaking coolant because the body shop that did the work after my deer strike didn’t fix the clips on the lower radiator. Been rolling the dice nothing will happen because nobody can get me in… Have an appointment for next Monday so hopefully they can get the parts!

Not much else new around here. Been cutting services and cooking at home now. With the wonderful job Biden has been doing and my crazy commute I wanted to cut back before we have $10 gas. I would go electric but I don’t think that will work really well for my commute. Plus why should I have to go electric to support Brandon’s tree hugging adgenda. He’s going to cause rolling black outs and make this country feel like the 3rd world. People… Wind and solar do not make good baseload power… 😅

Anyway, keep cool… It’s a hot one today!