Bose NC 700 headphones

My daily driver noise cancelling headphones just kicked the bucket. I decided I would spring for the Bose unit as a replacement. Bose has the reputation of being the best NC headphones on the market. I work and take calls in super loud environments so I figured I would give them a try. As an audiophile I’m usually repelled by Bose but I can totally give the NC 700’s high marks! The noise cancelling is amazing, works as advertised and alot better then I was expecting.

The audio quality via Bluetooth is super base heavy and via cable it’s kinda lifeless. I’m feeding it from a THX 789 so it’s not the source. So as a music headphone I would say pass unless you like boosted base and only listen via Bluetooth. For my intended purpose however as a noise cancelling headset for calls it’s bar none! Highly recommend!