Need some desktop speakers for working at home?

Looking for a great sounding small passive speaker for your desktop? I think I have found the perfect solution. The Mica RB42 which is $149 at Amazon. It’s an excellent budget near field monitor for the price. The soundstage is excellent and the center image is dead on. Big sound in a small package.

Mica RB42 next to pens for size comparison.

They are very well built for the money. One caviot, they are fairly inefficient at 83dB. Your going to need an external amplifier that has some good power to feed them. I’m running them off an old Rotel amp and using my headphone amp as a pre-amp. This setup is ideal.

I was was using USB from my computer to the headphone dac/amp but decided that sucks! I installed RoPieee on an extra Raspberry Pi and connected that. Now I can control the music in Roon from any of my Roon control devices including my computer. I don’t get window sounds or audio from videos but I can live with that.

Apart from that I’m doing research on nano reef tanks. I want to set one up in my office. When people piss me off at work I can stop and look the the reef and calm down. 😁

I will be going to work every other week soon. I’m the first from my department back. I expect to be the eyes, ears and hands of everyone in engineering . I’m going to be running around which is good, I need excersize.