AC installed and working!

The downstairs AC unit is installed and working perfectly now. It wasn’t without some additional issues. 😅 The AC disconnect box I purchased at home depot had the wrong disconnect plugged in… So it took some additional troubleshooting before I noticed this… I have it bypassed at the moment. I need to make my way back to Home Depot for the proper plug in module soon.

Troublesome disconnect box

Here is the indoor unit up and working. It is super quiet and very cold. I’m 100% doing a multi head unit for upstairs once this virus scare is over… I need some help getting the unit up on the roof… Going to do a roof mount on my flat roof section. It will be almost an invisible installation.

Indoor unit up and running

Here is how I ran the piping for this unit. It’s done this way because I need to burn up 16 feet of lineset… Otherwise I need to learn how to flare pipe and recover refrigerant… Both things I don’t want to deal with!

Lineset before compressor install.

I chose this route to keep the lineset below the exhaust from the pellet stove… Heat rises so I figured it would be safe in this location. I wish it wasn’t so white but nothing I can do… Might be able to somehow color match it… If I have time maybe I will try it…. Probably not tho! 😂 It’s kinda hidden with tiger lillys.

So this project is behind me now. If your somewhat handy, don’t mind purchasing some specialized tools and don’t mind reading the directions this is something totally doable. No need to pay thousands to have a pro do it. 😬