Working from home…

Looks like I will be working from home for at least a year. I’m working on upgrading my home office as it looks like I will be spending alot of time here now. I have a dual monitor setup but I think i will ask if i can get a third like I have in the office. I really need lots of screen restate for work i do.

I should also build some shelves in here so I can can store books and things…as well as my printer and scanner. I have a perfect place for it so I should really get of my butt and look at what is needed to get it done.

I moved my office into Patricia’s old craft room when she moved out. This room gets very hot in the summer but doesn’t have enough power for a window AC. I will need to run a new 20 amp circuit up here sometime soon before the heat gets really oppressive. I turned my old office into a guest room so I can have people visit now.

On another note I tried to stop drinking coffee. It appears I am addicted to caffeine! I stopped for 3 days and had a headache for all 3 days. I broke down today because I didn’t feel like doing anything. I will start cutting back until I am only drinking one or less cups a day. Now I drink at least 2 big cups a day… so big it’s probably 4 normal cups. That and soda but I have stopped the soda. I am only drinking water and juice now.

Well It’s time to move on to something else now… spent enough time writing this for now. Until next time… peace.