Summer is coming…

Since I think I will be working from home this summer I decided to get a mini-split AC. I’m going to attempt to install it myself and if it goes well I will buy another one next year and do the 2nd floor.

Been having problems with crickets this year as well. Since I really don’t want an exterminator in the house I decided to spray the house myself today. It was super simple but handeling the chemicals is a bit nerve-racking. I bought the professional products an exterminator would use on the internet and already found 4 of them dead. I am thinking about canceling my service and just doing it myself from now on. It’s way cheaper and not hard to do!

Not much else going on here, I have been trying to get out when it’s nice and walk on the tow path in town. It opened up again so no more walking in town. I was going to get a bike but decided that it’s more likely that I would hurt myself and I don’t want to end up in a hospital even if the risk is minimal.

Hope everyone is doing well in lock down! I have been busy with work so the days are going really fast and keeping me busy.