I entered the world of rtr with a basket case RS-1500!

It doesn’t smoke and the reels spin but the transport logic is totally messed up. I think the 30+ year old electrolytic capacitors are the problem. I also got the tape path modification from BottleHead which should bring it in line with higher end pro units. It’s going to be a learning experience because this sucker is fiendishly complected. If I get over my head I will take it to Skyfi and have them rebuild it. Below is a picture of one… it’s dead sexy, and mine has one up on this one… I have the wood sides… they don’t make them like they used to thats for sure!

She’s a big girl probably around 70 or 80 lbs! I was looking to get a Pioneer RT-909 but this baby became available at somewhat of a reasonable price so I jumped on it.

I haven’t started working yet because I have been studying the schematics and the exploded diagrams to get a feel how to even dig in to this thing. I don’t want to cause any harm as some of the parts are unobtainium. I also don’t want to mess with the heads as it looks difficult to get them aligned.

Apart from audio things have been about the same as usual. I have been busy at work and home. I spend my weekends between Frenchtown and LIC. I have a vacation planed for Europe this year! Its the first real vacation in well over 10 years for me. Thats about it for now… I’ll be back once I have time.