Even more painting

I spent some time this weekend painting again… this time I re-painted a room I had done for Patricia. It’s officially done and now I need to get the entire second floor carpeted. I will have to wait a few weeks because I need to get some time to get out and look at colors and get samples. Going to do all the rooms in the same carpet to make it easier on me and the installers.

I decided to swap my listening room and living rooms around. I think the sound will be better because I can put the speakers on the short wall and have it work with the room layout. I am still not sure on the speakers and electronics but I have an appointment to demo some new gear soon.

I will be ripping apart the living room next weekend and getting it ready for painting… I will probably get the ceiling and 1st coat on color on the walls. Not sure if I will be able to do more then that as I’m a bit anal retentive when it comes to painting and work really slow and careful. I will get some pictures up as soon as everything is finished and all the furniture and equipment are in place.

On a side note I finally got the permit for the stove install. The building department wanted a survey for this work… not exactly sure why that would be a concern for a pellet stove with a vent the size of a dryer… I guess they needed to feel important. Anyway I should have it installed sometime next week depending on the installers schedule… would have been nice to have it last week… with the cold… my pipes froze up in the bathroom… I think the stove would have prevented that.