More painting

Spent most of today painting. I decided to finish upstairs so next week I can start on my current living room… which I decided to make my new listening room and make the room with the stove my new living room. I think it makes more sense to have the TV in the room with the stove so it’s more cozy in the winter. The only problem I see will be in the summer when it’s hot… I don’t see a way to air condition the room easily… but that isn’t a real problem because I have a smaller TV/game room upstairs which will be air conditioned… so no issues unless I want to watch a movie on a big screen… then I am out of luck.

I spoke with my audio dealer and I think I will be upgrading my speakers to something smaller which will fit the room better. I think I will miss the big imposing Model 3’s but the new model will have a more subtle and sophisticated sound which I think will be nicer. I will post more once I get some time to listen to them and the proposed gear driving the show.

Not much else to report on, my birthday was uneventful. My life is basically alot of painting, fixing things and cleaning around the house! Not very exciting but it keeps me busy on the weekends. I’m planing on having a game of thrones party once the series starts up again so I need to get everything in place for that.

My car is still at the dealer for the DPF issue. I’m thinking seriously about trading it in… I was hoping to get a few more years out of it but a week down time is unacceptable. I have a down payment on the 8th gen Golf R but I might have to compromise and get something sooner… I priced out a Audi RS5 but I don’t want to run something that expensive into the ground with all the mileage I do… I need something cheap that gets good mileage and is reliable…preferably German and definitely not a Toyota… Will see what this week brings… if I don’t get it back this week I will most likely make a purchase.

Not much else to report at the moment…