Car issues

My car has been in the shop for a few days with a DPF issue. I am not sure if it has something to do with the emissions “Fix” VW preformed on the car but I have a feeling it does…. DPF is part of the emissions system and it’s one of the new parts that was swapped on the car. Hopefully I will hear back soon with good news. I have a deposit in for a 2020 Golf R so once that comes in I will have a second car I can use when the TDI breaks down.

I finally got the listening room painted and ready to go. I moved all my audio gear down and set it all up on new audio racks. I plan to upgrade my speakers soon as well as trade in some of my old gear for new. Everything is starting to show it’s age so it’s about time to refresh it all with new. I will post some pictures once I am finished… the thing that really makes it cool are the LiFX tiles I installed on the walls… without a woman saying no I can do some really neat stuff around the house! The tiles morph colors or respond to the music. If you can sneak them by your wife or significant other I would suggest them!

Having the fireplace guy over soon to give me a quote on a J0tul wood stove insert in the living room! I am really looking forward to getting that work done. I really like having a nice fire. Probably not going to be installed this season but it will be something I will do over the summer. I think I will have a new mantel installed as well as I don’t think the one I have will work well with the insert. Anyway I will write more later.