Pandora’s box

Starting working on my new listening room on the first floor. It has a door down to the basement which had tons of chipping paint. I decided to tackle this first… Bad move! Just like the title it opened the box and I am no stripping the entire door. Probably going to be the only thing I get done house wise today. I am taking it down to the wood so it’s slow going. Tomorrow should be a more productive day hopefully. I want to have this room done by January because I will be installing the new stove here.

I am being careful about the lead paint, I have a hepa filter in my shop vac, I have a resperstor and I set up a box fan with a merv13 filter to catch anything that might get airborne. I am not sanding so that helps as well… All heat gun work and scraper. 

Goal next year is to finish up the rest of the house and then move on to the garage.