Tovala Gen 2 oven

Decided to get the new generation 2 steam oven from Tovala and gift the 1st generation to my mom. Tovala had a great offer for Gen 1 owners to gift the oven to someone else and get the Gen 2 for $99.

Both ovens are great but the 2nd Gen is better for me.  It’s smaller and is not as imposing on my counter.  It feels more like a toaster and a bit less premium then the 1st gen unit.  If you have a big kitchen and like the stainless steel look the 1st Gen unit is better for you… Bigger, nicer looking and better built… I. E. more solid feel to the door.

Either one is great but if your short on counter space the new one is for you… If you want something nicer looking and have the space go for the older design.