Spent the night at Pennhurst

I spent last Saturday night at Pennhurst!  It was alot of fun but very wet and rainy.  We were going to camp all night but decided to pack it in around 5am due to the rain and head back to NJ.  That place is super cool at night!  I wish we could have gone exploring on our own but alas we had to stay in a group.  Unfortunately no real good pictures from the night as we were not allow to take pictures of anything interesting.

This was the first year that a campout was done so it had some growing pains but nothing that bothered me to much.  My cousin Jason was getting a bit impatient but he always gets impatient so thats not a good yardstick.  If you do go expect the first 3 hours to be just setup and dinner.

I would also suggest you bring your own tent as the rentals are quite small and crappy.  I had a tent but I was to lazy to go to Nutley and pick it up… Next time I will make sure I bring my own or buy a new one on the way to the event.

Dinner was just basic fare so if you the type that gets the munchies you best bring food.  I’m on a diet so it was perfect for me.  Not much other to say about it other then bring a flashlight and have fun.

I will be going back for a over night ghost hunt which should hopefully give us more freedom to explore without actors all over the place trying to jump out at you.  Not sure when I will be doing this but probably soon as the weather seems to be getting nice with the Fall temperatures at night.