My name is Christopher and I’m the BOFH around here. I live in Frenchtown NJ with my dog Bentley.  He’s an Old English Sheepdog and was named after a somewhat fancy English car company.  I’m 45 years old in body but about 25 in mind and spirit!  Yes I have grey hair… It’s genetic and it started when I was 13.  It makes me look distinguished when I decide to not color it.  Its also way better then going bald! :p

I work with computers and networks gear at a large financial company. In my free time I mess with computers, retro computer, electronics, drones, 3D printing and photography.  Actually, I mess around with tons more but it’s to much to list here! I seem to have ADD when it comes to interests and hobbies.

I’m currently learning to fly fpv race drones and rc helicopters.  I’m not very good but getting better as I have time to practice.  I will post flight video as soon as I get good enough to risk strapping on my Go Pro! If you want to see what it’s like go watch DRL and you will get the idea.

As for my personal life, I’m recently divorced and looking for a special someone.  Not really in a huge rush but it would be nice to get back into family mode. This page is a live first draft so the content is going to change and evolve like the rest of this site. If you see something wrong please let me know!  That’s it for now, check back later if you want to know more.

My dog Bentley… looking like a boss!


Something from my Facebook page

  • My ancestry is Irish, German and Italian
  • My Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is ISTP
  • I’m dyslexic
  • I’m a Democat
  • Pro choice
  • Pro nuclear energy
  • I support the second amendment but not the NRA
  • Unfortunately I have an affinity for expensive hobbies…
  • I like anything to do with computers or electronics…
  • I’m a bit of a German car nut…
  • I don’t read enough but when I do it’s science fiction and fantasy
  • I love listening to podcasts!
  • My musical tastes are a bit different from mainstream. I like NDHIndustrial, EBMGothic Metal and other types from Europe.
  • I have a thing for haunted houses!
  • I’ve been on ghost hunts even though I don’t believe in ghosts… It’s fun to be in a creepy place in the dark!
  • I like to travel and would like to see more of the world.
  • I have a big dog who looks like me… or maybe I look like him! 🙂